My Little Ladies

My story begins April 2009. We had just purchased a new home and brought 1 kitty with us, my T.J. At the time the previous owners were going to take their cat to the Spca because she coudlnt go with them to the new home. We told them to leave her with us. She was beautiful and worm infested. A few vet visits later Cleo was a healthy girl. We lost both T.J. and Cleo that following year due to age and an illness we missed. Our house was empty. A friend had 2 litters of kittens at the same time and we went to see! Thats when we saw her, our Noodle. She had the cutest chunky wigglie butt there! All white with a striped mask, tail and just 1 spot on her side. She came home with us soon there after. She loves to snuggle! But you cant just have 1 kitty, she needed a friend. At the loal SPCA we saw her, a scrawny little black and white girl staring at me through the cage. I couldnt get her out of my mind. I had vowed that if there were sisters there we would take them home so they wouldnt be separated. So in line I waited to fill our the paperwoork. That little black and white one still on my mind. I asked my husband to go see if she was still there (another lady was looking at her) and she was! He ran back and put the sisters paperwork back and got the little one. (the sisters were adopted that day too!) Alex, as she was named, was coming home with us! She was amazing from the start. We changed her name to Herbie, after Herbie the Love Bug. My girls are true sisters, they fight, they love, they snuggle. M Herbie loves to play fetch and Noodle loves to lounge! They are truely bonded after 7 years together. My Little Ladies are my light and my sunshine, they love us unconditionally and are spolied rotten. We wouldnt have it any other way!
Millsboro, DE