My little Peanut

In December 2015 I finished my shift at work and walked home. When I arrived I received a text from one of my bosses giving me a verbal warning. I didn't really care that I got it because it was only a part time job until I finished my studies (I am studying towards becoming a veterinary surgeon specialising in wildlife and rescue animals). Anyway due to my depression I burst into tears, I couldn't keep myself together. I cried into my boyfriends arms for a good hour before I calmed down. We had been talking about getting a small dog together like a French bulldog, pug or pomeranian so to cheer me up my boyfriend said we will go to the local animal rescue centre and have a look. When we got to the rescue centre we were surrounded by either really big dogs or very old dogs. Due to living in an apartment we couldn't have big dogs/dogs that will grow above my knee. I was sad that there were no dogs that we could take home with us so I just walked around in circles looking at the other animals. Eventually my boyfriend said it would better to get a cat since our apartment was so small. I knew he really wanted a dog so I was a bit unsure. At this point I knew I wanted a female pet because I'd always had male pets. Well we saw Sharmaine huddled in the corner of her enclosure and I still wasn't sure but we had a few minutes with her and one of the helpers to get to know her. After that we couldn't say no so we adopted her and renamed her Peanut. She is so perfect and she has the exact same personality as my boyfriend and I so she's definitely a perfect fit. Unfortunately she was brought to the rescue as a stray with her mum and brother, who had to be put down, and she was diagnosed with FIV so we can't have anymore cats. We still adore her even with her FIV.
South Brisbane, Australia