My little "pit bull"

He was rescued from the mouth of a very mean pit bull. He was full of scratches and bad memories. He can't meow, although he tries really hard, and he can't eat much at a time and the meal has to be in very tiny pieces because he can't swallow well. He has finally started growing into his huge ears, thus the name Gizmo! He weighs a whopping 6 1/2 pounds at 2 years old and he has the biggest, most trusting eyes ever!!. He loves my 80 year old mother to death. He keeps her company during the day. She has someone to talk to and to take care of. He's been very good for her.....and me too! He loves the Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning commercial (for some reason) and Wheel of Fortune. He truly has been a God send to us and we love him very much!
Donna Blackburn
Lincolnton, NC