My Little Runaway

A very frightened dog appeared on our front porch one hot summer evening. He was hiding behind our glider, too terrified to come out. Eventually we were able to get a leash on him and lead him to a kennel in our backyard. We seemed to have an instant bond and he appeared content to live with us, but I already had three Jack Russell Terriers who were none too happy having a strange dog in their midst. I had him for three weeks while I searched in vain for his owners. When no one came forward I found what I thought was the perfect home for him in the country, complete with kids. He ran away from his new home that night. Three months later he was spotted nearby living in a pasture with a herd of cattle. My husband and I drove out to where he had been seen. I called the name I had given him all those months ago, Rex. As soon as he heard my voice he came flying across the field towards me as fast as he could run. He jumped into the pickup with no coaxing and came home with us. That was five years ago. Rex has since been fully accepted into the pack of Jacks. The most astonishing thing about his story is that we can leave any gate, fence, or door open any time and he has never tried to leave. The runaway found his perfect home.
Atwater, CA