My little Sade

Exactly a year ago (09-Mar-15) little 4 months old Sade passed away, I only had her for about 3 months, I couldn't save her, she had "Feline Infectious Peritonitis - FIP", I found her at an abandoned paddock, she was underfed but she had this big belly, I thought it was worms, so I took her home, gave her some medicine and food, I tried to give her away because I had no room for another cat, but I fell in love with her, she was so adorable, she slept next to me everynight and followed me everywhere. But her belly didn't dissappear, so I took her immediatly to the vet, and they told me the bad news; that night when we went to sleep, she seemed so tired and sick, but still jumped to cuddle with me, next day, I took her again to the vet, but while I was waiting she had a heart attack, her little body couldn't resist anymore. She was just a baby, I'm gonna miss her so much. Please take good care of those little angels that you find, it was late for Sade, but there is time to save another little life.
Lina Rios
Ibagué, Colombia