My Little Survivor

I was driving gravel farm roads during a very cold & snowy February looking for snowy owls. Some critter slinked across the road about 500 feet ahead. Thinking it was a mink, I got out of the car with my camera. I heard a tiny meow behind a snow bank and a little head popped up. All I said was "here kitty" and she ran to me, jumped into my arms and wrapped herself around my neck purring non-stop. Tabitha was skin & bones. The nearest farm was a quarter mile away, and there was a redtailed hawk sitting atop the barn eyeing her no doubt for his next meal. I couldn't leave her there to probably die. Turns out she was only 4 months old and surprisingly disease free. It took some adjustment to have a kitten again - I already had 7 adult cats, all strays. She's been a handful, even now at 2 years old, but is an extremely affectionate and perpetual kitten.
Genoa, IL