My Little Swiss Miss

Missy came to our family in 2001 by way of Frisco, a rescued 3 week old kitten that my daughter found who needed a Mom! My Vet "loaned" us Missy who had been found on the streets of Dallas nursing three kittens. Missy was in rought shape! She was VERY thin and had dull/ugly fur and none on her ears or on the top of her head. Her paw pads were like coarse sandpaper and all her nails were a broken/crumbly mess. She was also somewhat feral and did not purr the first year. We won her over with lots of love and FOOD! Today, she is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen, SO sweet and the QUEEN of our castle. I call her "My Little Swiss Miss".
Deb Walley
Carrollton, TX