My Loving Pitbull

We had adopted your brother just five months prior, but we felt it was time to add another dog to our family. We went back to the same rescue we found your brother and started looking at bios, and there you were. You had this sad look in your eyes, one that showed that you just wanted a home to call your own. We fell in love with your big block head, and knew we had to meet you. We setup a time for us to meet you and for you to meet us and your new potential brother. The meeting couldn't have gone better. We talked all about you on the 4 hour drive home, and once we were finally home we decided to make it official, and we decided to adopt you. The two weeks that followed were spent preparing for your arrival, and finally the day was here. We traveled to you, and we fell in love all over again. We made our way home, and you made yourself right at home. The first few weeks were trying, two dogs were a lot more difficult than one, and it was important that you and your brother both felt love equally. It took time, but eventually, everything fell into place, and now you and your brother are inseparable. Ares, my blocky headed wiggle butt, you have changed our lives forever. You teach everyone that you know that the stigma against Pitbulls is just not true. You are the happiest, kindest, gentlest dog I have ever met. We love you, our over-sized lap dog, our protector, our daily smile, and our provider of unending kisses. We love you, Ares.
Milton, VT