My "Main Man" Muttley

Due to my chronic illness, my sister and I were looking at properties for sale so we could live together. While looking at a duplex, there was a small dog in the backyard that was rail thin, covered in fleas and ticks and apparently trying to survive. We asked around the neighborhood and found that one of tenants moved and left him. I already had two large female dogs but I brought him home. Whenever I have a low blood sugar, he lays down beside me and won't leave my side. Typically, if someone is at my front door, he barks; however, when the paramedics are called, he lays quietly, right beside me, while they attend to me. I have a total of 5 rescues and they all have their place in my heart. Muttley just happens to go above and beyond in his role as protector. I have been on Disability for 4 years now and I know that the time I spend with my dogs helps to keep me healthier.
Victoria L Bill
Oklahoma City, OK