My Max

After my husband died, my son, Wayne and daughter-in-law,Terri, thought I needed another dog so my husband's dog, Pugzy, would have a playmate. Terri found Max at an animal shelter after he was hit by a car and lost his left eye. The owners didn't want him back. He was soaking wet and so thin when she got him . She took him for an "emergency" grooming and then brought him to me. He was shaking all over when she handed him to me but as soon as I held him he seemed to relax and sense he was "home." He was 2 years old then and now will be 6 this year. He is so sweet and his one eye is so expressive. He seems to sense that he was saved. I think he came into Pugzy's and my life at the right time .
Carolyn Roach
Madison Heights, VA