My Molly Girl

In 1997 I was lonely and looking for love. Little did I know that a wonderful, sweet and amazing little black calico girl would be my love for 15 years. I had been visiting the local humane society or months and had even started the process of adopting a sweet chihuahua puppy, but that fell through and I was devastated. I decided to visit one more time, just before Halloween and stopped into the cat room for a little unconditional love. Until that moment I had not even considered adopting a cat. But there she was, a tiny, half black face, half orange faced calico kitten. I was in LOVE. I had to wait a few days to bring her home because she was under weight and because she was mostly black our humane society didn't allow anyone to adopt black cats until after the first week of November. I named her Molly and for the next 15 years she kept me company, she slept with me (under the covers, fur to skin was best), she demanded to be held and then would sleep on my shoulder for hours. She tolerated my husbands cat Franki when we got her. Molly LOVED me unconditionally for all those years. She started to have joint issues and would sleep on a heating pad at night. But the time came for the hardest decision I have EVER made . My sweet Molly girl crossed the rainbow bridge on the Monday after Easter in 2013. I know many of you can sympathize with the anguish and the sadness of losing a beloved family member. I swore I would never get another cat, but a few months later I met my Lucy, and that is another story.
Williamsburg, VA