my new baby <3

when i was 11 i moved to mandurah and was looking for a cat the next day we got settled in and bought a beautiful little boy called jay jay he was only about seven weeks old and was the most beautiful cat i had laid my eyes on, but 2 years later i had to go to perth and when i got home i called him name but some sick people had taken my little baby and put him in a box and threw him over a fence and he got ran over. i had lost my little baby, but a week of morning went past and mum said it is time for a new baby and we went and picked up a tiny little baby boy called Maximus (i named them), and he was a beautiful little one only about the size of my two hands when i got him i could never loose him but one day he went missing for a whole month and i said not again and because i was really upset mum got me another beautiful cat her name was avanjalein or AJ for short, when i brought her home she was the happiest girl ever because we had got her from a farm and was about a year old and had no love but when we got home i heard a meow maxi was home and i felt so guilty because i had just given up but they soon became to like each other and now they live happily together with me and my little girl is sitting right next to me watching me type and i am only 14 and these two have found there forever home and i could never thank them enough for how much they helped me with finally letting my little baby go over the rainbow bridge.
Tayla B
mandurah, Australia