My New Best Friend

We had looked at many different dog's bios before we found you. The rescue we adopted you from was mainly a Pitbull rescue, and there you were, definitely not a Pitbull. After we submitted the application and got approved we finally got to choose who we would give a forever home to. I had seen your picture a few weeks before and couldn't stop thinking about your adorable face, those cute little eyebrows and how beautiful you were. The day after we got approved we chose to adopt you, Rascal. A week after that we brought you home, everything was new for you, and for us. You were our first dog, and it's possible we were your first family. Someone brought you to a high kill shelter before the rescue organization we got you from pulled you. It breaks my heart to think that you were going to be euthanized and we would have never had your tail wags, your kisses, and your protective howls in our lives. We had a lot of learning to do in those first few weeks, but we did it together, and bonded over new experiences. Rascal, my destroyer, my baby, my goober, it is because of you that we are so passionate about adoption. It is because of you that we have so much joy in our lives. You are one of the most amazing things that has happened to us, and we love you more and more everyday.
Milton, VT