"My One-Eyed MR. Jack"

My late husband, Michael was out "over-the-road" driving an 18 wheeler. Gone from home 3 weeks out of the month, he missed our 2 dogs here at home.He visted the Animal Shelter in Liberal,Kansas.There he found a Chihuahua-mix male. Mr. Jack had been abused. He had been tranferred from Oklahoma, where an unfortuate accident had happened. While having his cage cleaned, he tried to bite someone's ankle. He was kicked in his head, and his right eye became dis-lodged. My husband spent quite some time talking with him, and coaxed him out of his cage. They bonded closely, and Mr. Jack became my husband's "truckin' buddy". That was in 2001, he has become a special part of our family,especially since my husband's passing, he is my best companion,and a protector for my home and me. Sincerely, Janice Provonsha
Janice Provonsha
Reno, NV