My Pearlfect Cat

My daughters gymnastics teacher found our beautiful cat Pearl dumped outside the gymnastics center when she was 8 weeks old. She caught her and gave her to us. My daughter wanted to name her Clifford but I said no we can't name her after a big red dog. So she thought about it for around 5 or 10 minutes and said "I know Pearl is a girls name" and so our Pearlfect cat she became. She is an extremely grumpy cat who has this horrible screech when ever she is unhappy which is very often. She is extremely skittish and not a fan of being around new people at all. I have taken her to the vet and tried Jackson Galaxies Spirit Remedies to try and calm her grumpiness and nothing has worked she is just a grump bug. The last vet I took her to about her behavior said that is just who she is and she is perfectly healthy so don't mess with success. Despite all the screeching and grumpiness she can be very loving and cuddly with me and my daughter. She has moved all over the country with us first from Georgia to North Carolina, then from North Carolina to Iowa and more. People who meet her often ask how I can put up with her because of her screeching and attitude. My answer is always the same: She is family and you don't get rid of family over some small behavior issues! Despite her imperfections; to us she is perfect and we wouldn't want her any other way! We have had her for an amazing 6 years so far and will continue to love her as long as she lives!
Whiting, IA