My Princess

It was early July, me & my twin had just turned 11. One evening, we get home from school & our dad calls us into the bedroom. There, in a box, were two tiny female kittens, who had only just opened their eyes. My dad explained to us that their mom had been eaten by a dog at his work the night before, and no one wanted to save the kittens! So of course, my dad took them in. We each "claimed" our own. I chose the Tabby & white one with a curly tail, and my sister chose the grey & white one. We raised them, weened them off cat formula onto wet food (which our older male cat liked to steal) then to dry. We litterbox trained them and socialized them as best we could since we lived in the country where there's no one to socialize with. I wanted to name mine Princess, but I didn't want her to be spoiled so instead I named her Stripey. I should have stuck with Princess. Today, almost 9 years later she follows me everywhere. The moment I wake up she is at my bedroom door wanting to come in and cuddle. The second I get home she's waiting for me to let her in my room so we can cuddle some more! At night, I have to physically pick her up and get her out of my room so I can sleep in peace. She's curled up against my leg as I type this! I'm so glad my dad brought those kittens home. And I'm glad I get to spend so much time with my spoiled little princess.
Sand Springs, OK