My Rescue/Adoption Story

My boyfriend and I we're looking for a dog at the time, didn't know where to look but we kept talking about getting a dog for awhile. At the time we were going back and fourth on dog breeds, trying to figure out which one fit our personalities, home, and if they were okay with the other animals we had. We didn't even think about adoption until a friend of mine had researched different adoption shelters on Facebook. I then looked into adopting, still weren't sure on what we'd find. So after a few days of researching, the same friend had sent me a photo of this beautiful dog. The information on the dog was perfect, great with kids, great with other animals, loves to play, run, needs a big open yard etc. So the next few days I would go back on Facebook and see this dog and how other people wanted it and I could not let this dog go! I immediately contacted the shelter over email and had asked if she had been adopted. They told me no, they also told me they this particular dog was in foster care and still waiting to be adopted because she wasn't fitting others expectations. They had stated that the dog was disruptive, didn't listen, and kept jumping fences. Meanwhile I was at work and couldn't see her until I got out. I drove up to the shelter myself and waited which seemed to be forever. Finally got to see this beautiful dog and fell in love with her immediately, they had explained she was half german/collie and only a year old her name is Maggie. I officially adopted her and took her straight home, boyfriend fell in love with her, and then everything turned for the worse! Within a short period, she made progress and now is the best dog. We also did more research on her breed and have come to the assumption that she is a Carolina dog. I didn't just rescue her, she rescued me.
Indian Mound, TN