My Rescue Cat

My mom needed to get her pet friendly carpet cleaning shampoo, and all of the local stores were sold out. I suggested trying the pet store since I had seen it there before. My sister and I went inside to find the cleaner, but we also ended up looking at the animals who were up for adoption. There was a cat named Boo whose adoption price had been marked down to $10. He looked like he had given up as I watched him barely raise his head when we walked past. When we checked out, my sister asked why Boo’s adoption price was so low. He had been transferred to the store from the local animal shelter in hopes of giving him more time to be adopted. Boo’s time was almost up, and the shelter would take him back, label him “unadoptable,” and he would be euthanized. My boyfriend and I had been talking about adopting a second cat, so I said I would talk to him about coming back to get Boo. My sister and I barely backed out of the parking space before I told her to stop. I went back inside and adopted Boo. They didn’t say much about his previous experience other than he was skittish and had a tendency to bite as a defense mechanism from prior abuse. I changed his name to Phillip to try and give him a new chance at life. For the first few days, all he did was sleep. Then, he made a tremendous turnaround and started showing his true personality. Nearly two years later, he is full of life and personality! He follows me around our apartment, love treats, chirps at birds outside, and holds a special place in my heart. I have no doubt that I was meant to be at that pet store at that moment! I cannot begin to imagine what his first 2 1/2 years of life were like before I met him, but I make sure he knows he is loved and will be well taken care of for the rest of his life.
Wabash, IN