My rescue dog.

Six years ago on a cold winter morning I was walking down to school when I saw her. I ran to her, but she was too scared and hid in a hole and started yelling for help. I didn't know what to do, so I started looking around and I saw a restaurant near by. I went there and bought a few meatballs and ran again to the dog. She was still hiding and I placed one of the meatballs inside the hole, she immediately ate it, then I showed her the second one and she slowly came out of the hole. I waited for her to eat it and I held her. I was already late for school and I had no choice, but to take her with me. When I got to school the doorman saw the puppy and didn't let me in. I told him what had happened. He told me he was going to take care of her until my classes were over, so of course I believed him and gave him the puppy. After school I went down to his cabin to take the dog back, but he told me he had called an animal organization and they took her. I insisted him to give me their number, but he told me he 'didn't' had it. I went to my mother's work place and told her everything. We did everything we could to find her and in the end we found one of the guys that took the puppy and he told us they castrated her and gave it back to the doorman. We then found his address and went there to talk to him. He told us he threw her on the street.. Me and my mom were searching for like a week until we found her. When they castrated her she barely had 2 months. After the vet they told me she had parvovirus and that it'd be better if we put her to sleep. I didn't wanted, so they started her treatment and of course she made it.
Sofia, Bulgaria