My Saviors

This is Charlie and Lizzie.... In 2013 I had to let my most loved Kanga leave for the Rainbow Bridge. I was devastated and didn't know what to do. Not more than 2 weeks later, I knew she was telling me it was okay to bring new love into our home. That is when I found Charlie and Lucy. Within a day, Charlie made my house his home and stole my heart. It wasn't as easy for Lucy; unbeknownst to her rescuer and me, the stress made a respiratory infection much worse, she wouldn't eat or drink and her purr was barely audible. Her rescuer promised that wasn't her, but having watching Kanga decline, and their identical appearances, I couldn't do it. A few weeks later her rescuer called and told me she'd made a remarkable recovery, was I willing to try again? Sure, knowing that Charlie needed a companion. From the minute Lucy (now known as Lizzie, aka Elizabeth Bennett) entered the house, my world was whole again. She and Charlie instantly regained their bond and tore through the house as if they'd never been apart. Three years later, we live in our new forever home together, dependent on each other. Charlie and Lizzie still tear through the house, loving the slickness of tile. If I can't get them to cuddle together, one of the is always with me. We found out early on Lizzie is deaf, but all she has to is let out a cry and Charlie comes running. I know Kanga sent these two souls to me; Charlie - to let me know, joy and play is the best of life and Lizzie - because she knew I had the love for this sweet girl. I didn't rescue them, they rescued me.
Sparks, NV