My girl came into my life in September 2005, when we were living in Lebanon, MO. It was LOVE at first sight for me. I have always had dogs & cats but SHIN SHIN was my first pig But to know SHIN SHIN is to love her... At first she stayed in the house but as she grew larger she stayed outside in the barn in her her SHIN SHIN SHACK. She loved roaming around the barn & the fields. After 4 years we moved back home to the east coast & SHIN SHIN became a Jersey Girl. We downsized & her new home was a big dog house underneath a lean to built by my husband. She saw her first northeast snow storm & loved it!!! For 11 years I rubbed lotion on her back and combed her bristles. I would ask her to give me a smile & show me her TEETHY's and she did!!! Every morning SHIN SHIN would wait for me @ the bottom of the deck stairs. She knew I always had a special treat for her. She gave me so much love!!!!! Well my SHIN SHIN crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 7/29/16. Although my heart is broken I'm so grateful for the joy she brought to my life!!!!! THE MAMA LOVES YOU SHIN SHIN!!!!!!😘😘😘
New Egypt, NJ