My "squirrel tailed" cat

I adopted Rascal from an animal shelter a few lights away from my house in March 2007 when he was 7 months old. I was checking out all the cats and having visits with some of them but they didn't have the "it" factor. I was looking at a cat near Rascal when he reached out to pat me on the arm. I looked down into his adorable little face and smiled. I took him out for a visit and we hit it off right away! I saw that he had an amazing "squirrel" like tail that I totally adored. We had a great play session and I was absolutely bummed out when I was told I would have to wait a few days to bring him home. He needed to be neutered. I eagerly waited for the day I could take him home and bought him so many new toys, bedding, etc. It use to break my heart when I had to go to work because he would cry for me at the door. I could hear him in the hallway of my condo complex. Even my mom came for daily lunch visits to keep him company, I didn't know about these until later! He's a total mama's boy and I'm good with that. I brought Bella home 2 months later, she was 7 weeks old. A week and a lot of hissing later, Bella and Rascal became the best of cat friends. Rascal is the most amazing cat I've ever owned, Bella too. He's my little pound kitty. He's my cuddle buddy. I don't think I could have found a more perfect pet, I'm so grateful that I found him and rescued him from the pound.
Orange, CA