My Sweet Baby Lindsay

Today I had to say goodbye to my baby kitty, Lindsay. She was 18 years old. Lindsay suffered from kidney disease, blindness and most recently seizures. I found Lindsay on my front porch 16 years ago. She had no claws and was too thin. Lindsay had a rough start after I brought her into my home of two cats & a turtle. They never got along so I tried to make peace the best I could. After losing my two cats Lindsay finally had full run of the house for about 6 years. I pretty much left her alone since that’s the way she liked it. Of course I would have preferred to have some kisses and snugs but I knew her all too well. Whatever made her happy, that’s all I wanted. Over the years Lindsay developed skin allergies and a sensitive stomach and arthritis. The worst was when she was diagnosed with renal failure. She went in every week for more than 2 years to get her fluids and was also put on a diet of KD food. Lindsay wasn’t the best patient at the Vet Hospital so after biting a technician twice, they told me I could no longer bring her in for fluids. She did well for a while until a few weeks ago she started having seizures. I treated her with Phenobarbital and Buprenex for pain. Needless to say her little body started showing signs of defeat and it was up to her Mommy to make the decision. One that I regret but in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do. After all those years, My Sweet Baby finally allowed all the kisses and snugs up until the end. I will cherish that time we had forever. You are so missed Lindsay baby. The house is so empty without you.
Jeanine Konrath
Carpentersville, IL