My sweet hero

Some days ago when I read about Pisco by Stela Stoyanov from Sofia, Bulgaria I decided to tell the story of my cat Simão. His spinal nerve is also damaged for good (don't know how it happened) which prevents him from walking on four legs and to pee by himself. In the playground around the highschool where I used to teach (I'm retired now) there used to be some strays and consequently kittens very often abandoned by their mothers after beeing hold by some school kids. I usually took them home - and during the day bring to school - to bottle feed them until they were ready to be given for adoption after assuring they were wanted and would be dully cared. Seven years ago, at the start of the school year, I noticed a cat mom with her four kittens of about 6 weeks old. One was handicaped unable to walk on his back legs. The general opinion was to euthanise him. I couldn't accept it and took the kitten to the vet where he stayed for two months under treatment but of no avail. So I decided to take him home. I had to learn to put him to pee and now, seven years later, he moves and runs fast, climbs the sofás and lives happily with my other 7 rescued cats and 4 rescued dogs (the house is big and has a garden) even rulling over them all. He is my sweet hero!
Maria João Pampulim
Lisbon, Portugal