My sweet little Murphy bunny

We met at an animal shelter back in 2008, he was about 4 years old. I just lost my Buster bunny, swore I'd never get another one, hurt too bad. Then a friend sent me a link to his picture on, he was named Gregory then. I dropped everything. It was the first bunny that the new volunteer at the shelter had shown. She handed him to me. He started purring loudly, I burst into tears and then she burst into tears. She said you can take him home today, I don’t want to separate you two ever again. Murphy started developing arthritis 18 months ago. About a year ago, I started putting “bunny socks” on his back legs as he lost strength and muscle tone. About 6 months ago, he upgraded to “bunny Uggs” to try to give him better support and mobility. On March 10, he had had enough, he was no longer playing or showing his little bossy attitude, he was ready. I took him to the exotic vet, his bunny wife Madelaine went along and it was the most peaceful, loving experience I have ever had as a pet mom. After 18 months of supporting Murph and me through his illness, the vet and his staff knew how tough it would be and planned accordingly. Now Madelaine and I are discussing if she wants to date again or remain a widow. I don’t know if she’ll do well as a single bunny after all of her life as a bunny wife. But Murph might be irreplaceable, he was a special soul to me, probably to her as well.
Martinsburg, WV