My Sweet Swimmer

My father passed away in December, and I missed him so much. In March next year, I found a small fur ball in carton box, cold and alone. I took her home, and my mother couldn’t say no to my request. She agreed for me to have a small dog that doesn’t shred. Well, this was a big dog with long fur all around the house. Nut was my comfort, my reason go out, my joy. She lowed water, see, lakes, just to swim. She run away from me just to come back, half an hour later, completely wet after a good swim in the sea. If there was no water nearby, she didn’t need the leash to be by my leg. She loved my nieces, and other dogs, but loved to be by my side, especially when I wasn’t feeling well. They had to put her on the leas to take her out of my bed. We battled tumors for six years, and she was brave and courageous. Her last year, she hardly walked, but in water she was healthy, young and happy dog. I still miss her, but I keep all the joy and unconditional love she gave me and memories of her swimming.
Rijeka, Croatia