My Sweetie

I moved to a small European country called Estonia from the States about a year and 9 months ago. After a month of living here, I adopted an adorable orange kitten who I promptly named Kasspurr (kass - Estonia word for cat) who grew up in the shelter. After four months of having Kasspurr, I noticed just how lonely he was without a playmate. My friend volunteers at the shelter and told me about a young black and white male she had been fostering. She named him Laska, after a good friend of hers, and he was a scared boy. He had spent his first 5 months on the streets when him and his family had been rescued by this shelter. He was terrified of me the first couple times I went to visit, but my friend and I were determined to give him a good, loving home, and Kasspurr needed a friend. It has been over a year since I adopted him, and he has gone from this scared kitten hiding under beds, wardrobes, anything, to the cat that greets me at the door, and cannot get enough pets! He used to flinch from the hand coming towards him, and ran from anything that made noise, to being the king of the house. Him and Kasspurr are brothers who groom each other, play and cuddle together. Laska has made huge strides from where he was to where he is now. He now sleeps with me every night and is my cuddle buddy. My transition here would have been a lot more difficult without my two boys. From the small, frightened, reluctant kitten, to this outgoing, loving, wonderful cat, I could not be happier with the progress we've made! Laska, as I was told later, is the Russian word for Sweetie, and he truly lives up to the name!
Pittsburgh, PA