My Taz

Back in 1998, I rescued Taz’s mom when she was pregnant with him and his siblings. After she gave birth to them, she ran off unfortunately, so I had to bottle feed them. When looking for homes for the kittens, I tried to give Taz to my parents. I remember the car ride there. I held him all the way while my husband drove. I cried the entire time. I could not bear to say goodbye to my little buddy. I ended up keeping Taz and his brother Tiggy, who we had to put down in 2014. When Taz was young, he was diagnosed with FIP. I was devastated. The prognosis was that he would not live long. He proved the vets wrong, however. The corona virus that was loose in his body disappeared without a trace. Taz really is my little buddy. He cuddles with me in bed, he snuggles beside me when I read or watch TV and he always has to check out what I’m eating. He will be 18 years old in September, and I sure hope he makes it beyond that. Despite his years and sometimes grumpy countenance, I love him wildly. He is one of the best friends I have ever had. Although I know my time with him won’t last forever, I cherish him. I spoil him rotten and he gets to eat fresh tuna almost every day. Not only that, but when it’s cold, I put out the electric blanket and space heater just for him. He knows he is loved and adored. Someday when I have to say goodbye to him, I will never forget the joy, comforting purrs and friendship this little feline has given me. What a precious gift he is.
Angie Parsons
Vacaville, CA