My Tinalina

From 1999 to 2004 I worked for a landscaper who was a foster mom for cats and kittens. In 2001 she fostered Tina, a tortishell who loved to follow me around, sit in my chair and lay on my desk. Tina was diagnosed with herpes in her right eye and needed ½ Lysene tablet and sab in her eye twice a day. Tina was 1 year old. One Friday, Jackie told me that Tina needed to go back to the Hyumane Society on Monday. I asked if I could take her home for the weekend which I did. Tina immediately got along with Baby who was 18 and looked identical to her. Monday I took her back to the Humane Society and adopted her. Two weeks later Baby went to the Rainbow Bridge. In early 2007 Tina (whose name became Tinalina) was diagnosed with FIP. In June 2007 Tinalina passed on to the Rainbow Bridge to join Baby. She was my love who I miss terribly. She is the wallpaper on my computer which will always be there. Tinalina I Love You!!
Helena Molnar
Surprise, AZ