My treasure

"Why was he there?" That is the question that always seems to come up. "One man's trash another's treasure" Seems always the stigma with shelter dogs. Something is wrong with them, either they were given up because of some overwhelming problem or it was owners problem but still physical and behavioral issues from neglect or abuse in that case. But that is not always true. Huck was at the shelter for over 6 months, ridiculously long time for our area. Why was he so hard to place? I have found the most perfect dog anyone could ask for. Someone clearly once cared for him, no health issues, even the most perfect set of teeth and gums I have ever seen on a dog especially one 6 years old. He knows probably more commands then I do and follows immediately and without question. No fear of anything. Perfect social skills polite and friendly with people but also watchful and ready to defend if given reason. Perfect house manners, never once an accident or mess or any destruction of anything. Does not touch cat food or other dogs bowls, once I even forgot he was there and left cheeseburger on plate in front of him and left room only to return with sandwich untouched. Playful and fun loving but never hyper and easily and quickly calmed if over excited. Affectionate and cuddly but never overbearing or needy. Terrific with other animals no aggression ever even when they are aggressive towards him and an absolute doll with smaller animals gentle and caring. I can not imagine giving him up for anything he is my heart. I do not know why he was there or why so many others passed him by but I do know I have found the most perfect gem one could ever find.
Brewster, OH