Myles the former barn kitten

My in-laws have a farm and on this farm they have barn cats. Barn cats are basically living mouse traps and nothing more to the in-laws. They get no love and very little medical care. My wife Tiffany told me about a runt from one of the three litters of about 12 to 15 kittens that needed us. We already had four cats ranging in age from 3 years to 11 years old and had no plans to add another cat to our family. But this kitten would probably die without our help. So we talked it over and Tiff took a video of the kitten when he was not yet weaned and had about 10 days before he would be ready to leave his mother... that is if he lived that long. Five days later he was eating kitten food so we adopted him at seven weeks old but our vet said he was the size of a four week old and only weighed 1lbs 6oz (.045 kg). Myles had some medical issues but now at 13 weeks old he is healthy and is having the time of his life running around the house playing with his new Daddy, Mommy, two big brothers and two big sisters. The photo is of Myles on the first day we had him right after his first bath.
Fred and Tiffany West
Hart, MI