Mylo's Story

I always wanted a pug, but i refused to go to a pet store and buy one, so I l searched and found a rescue place and asked them if they had a pug available. they said not now, check back or you could go on a waiting list, which is what i did, 4 months later, i get a phone call they have a pug that was 18 months old , I had found out he was placed with 2 other homes and had 2 other names, and so i went down and had a visit with the pug, and fell in love. I changed i his name to Mylo Brought him home, and few years later i broke up with my boyfriend it was pretty brutal, but the best thing in the end and the only reason i got through it, was because of Mylo. he is now 12 and a diabetic, and has cataracts i am trying to make his time on earth pleasant as can be. My grumpy old man.
montreal, Canada