Sometime between 17 and 19 years ago, my neighbor's cat had kittens. She asked me if I would like one. I fell in love with the cutest little calico. But I wasn't able to take her. My sweet neighbor is now in the hospital and will probably have to go to a nursing home. Her children asked me to take care of that little, and now very old "kitten". I was feeding her at her house, but she was outside. I could hear coyotes during the night and worried about her being out there all by herself. We have 5 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats already but I asked my wonderful husband if I could bring Nellie home. As I said, he's wonderful and said "go get her". I brought her home and everyone is getting used to each other pretty quickly. Her motor never stops. She's safe inside and happy for however long we are lucky enough have her. Patience.....that's all it took...I now have the "kitten" I wanted so many years ago.
Charlene Andrzeicik
Florence, AL