New Home for an Old Dog

We were coming home on a rainy January night when we saw an elderly Brittany Spaniel nearly get hit in the busy intersection in front of us. My 17 year old daughter jumped out of the car and ran into traffic to grab her. She chased her two blocks through passing cars and parking lots before the spaniel was so exhausted she couldn't run any longer. When we got home and got a good look at her she was filthy, covered in ticks and fleas and her nose had been severely burned. Judging her to be around ten years old, we found out that she was so under weight and weak she could barely stand. We've come to the conclusion that she is deaf and her sight isn't very good. We've had her teeth cleaned and we apply ointment to her nose daily. She takes supplements for her hips and knees and is getting around like a puppy now. Dottie is a sweet, loving, smart girl that appreciates a warm bed and a full food bowl. When she curls up next to me I am thankful for the opportunity to give this angel a safe and loving place to retire for the rest of her life.
Odessa, TX