Nigel the Flat Cat

Our local cats home has a policy of not putting down cats with FIV or FELV, instead they rehome them in flats as indoor cats. When we heard this we knew we had to get an indoor cat. Our first cat had FELV and only lived for 18 months, our home didn't seem right without a cat so we went to the cats home and asked what indoor cats they had. They only had 1, a 5 year old FIV+ tabby called Nigel. he'd been with them about 7 months, he was underweight, he'd had digestive problems and was on a prescription diet, he'd had to have half his teeth removed, suffered from gingivitis and drooled a lot but as long as he was kept indoor and didn't catch anything he could live to 10 years old. He had a big fluffy face and really soft fur, but he was petrified of people. Living in a flat obviously suited him as he put on 1kg in 6 weeks and was soon off the prescription diet. We took him home and he spent the first 6 months under our bed, then he started sleeping in his bed but would run away if we went near him, then he stayed in his bed, then he allowed us to stroke his head. He would stop eating when his mouth got too sore and was diagnosed with calicivirus, he had all but 4 of his teeth removed but his gums were still inflamed so he was put on anti inflammatory medication. After 18 months he started coming into the living room and then one day he jumped up next to us and snuggled into my husband, we were so happy, this was a major milestone, he came so far. Sadly he developed kidney failure and deteriorated quickly, we always said we would give him the best life possible, being given tablets daily was distressing for him and he wasn't enjoying life anymore so we decided we should end his suffering. He was an amazing cat and we still miss him everyday
Bristol, United Kingdom