Nora and Alexander

It began with a chance sighting of what looked to be my neighbor's white cat running in the bushes... upon closer inspection, we saw two mottled kittens with her. I took a picture to my neighbors and they confirmed their cat had kittens. (She was an outdoor cat) They said the mom had taken the two darker kittens away and abandoned the two all white ones that looked like her in their backyard. She stopped visiting them when they were about 2 1/2 weeks old! I offered to take the kittens. They were SO TINY The girl would try to nurse on the fuzzy cushion I made for their bed. They never did care for the tiny bottle I bought to feed them with, but would lap kitten formula from a saucer. They've been the most wonderful babies. We had them altered of course, and they live contentedly indoors.Alexander is very snuggly, out "arctic lion" and Nora is Princess of the manor, regal as any queen.
Renee Adams
Arlington, TX