Not much bigger than a lawnmower wheel

A friend and I were walking along the river when we heard a pitiful meowing. This sweet little girl walked out of a patch of daisies and we knew she needed a home. We went around and around about who would take her, since I already had what I thought was enough cats (and my husband thought so too). In the end, I took her with me, and put her in the garage while I went to the house to get some food and water for her. My husband asked me what I was taking stuff out to the garage for, and I told him he would find out. He said "you better not have another cat in there." I also had the digital camera with me, so I took a picture of Daisy standing next to our lawnmower. She was just a bit taller than the back wheels. I went back in and showed it to him, and he immediately said that she was too little to be out fending for herself. We named her Daisy, since she came from the patch of daisies along the river. We don't know if she was dumped out along the river, or if she was just lost, but she became a part of our family that day. She's still very small, but she has a big personality. One of her favorite things to do is stretch out on my shoulder and sleep after I get home from work.
Troy, OH