Not my first choice but the right choice

I had always liked cats throughout my life but never owned one. Once I owned my own house I decided it was the time to adopt a cat. I went to the shelter a couple times and there were a lot to pick from but one orange kitten got my attention. It was playful but loving and purred constantly when you held it. I felt this was the one for me so I inquired but was told that he was already pending adoption. So I moved on to a cage of 3 kittens, litter mates. I inquired about one of them and was told that 2 were already spoken for so I chose the third one which was an all gray male and named him Barnaby. It took him a bit to get over being scared of his new surroundings but once he did he was my lap cat and my shadow, and in hindsight I can't imagine having ever picked anyone BUT him. He has a toy mouse that he regularly picks up and delivers to places in the house such as the back door, computer room and couch area. He always makes a muffled moaning sound as he is in the process of delivering the mouse to me. A few years ago he was diagnosed with asthma so he has been on steroids which has caused some behavioral changes as well as weight loss but at age 15 he is still my mouse delivery service. I am so glad that the first 2 kittens I chose were already spoken for or I never would have gotten Barnaby.
Green Bay, WI