Not the Pyrfect Pyrenees

Me and my sweet boy Yukon "Yukie", a Great Pyrenees needed each other. He had just had two leg surgeries from being hit by a car, and I had just lost the sweetest boy I've ever owned, much too soon. Yukie became mine 9/07.I thought he was out of the woods with his leg issues, but his limping got worse. Xrays showed a grade 4 patellar luxation in his "good" leg, but everything else was fine. At the end of January '09 he got his leg repaired. For the first time I can take him for a walk now and I can tell it doesn't hurt him. However a recent visit to the vet confirmed he has the same issue with his other knee. So sadly this poor, sweet, not yet 3 year old baby of mine has to face a fourth surgery. I have gotten a lot of help and encouragement from Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue (IGPR), where I adopted him. Through all of this, Yukie has remained the sweetest, most tolerant and gentlest disposition and is truly a happy dog. Three out of four dogs I've owned have been rescues and I will NEVER own anything else but a rescue dog, because some have been through hell and back and truly appreciate every little thing. I just hope I have made as much difference in their lives as they have made in mine. I know that is true with Yukie.
Connie Geiger
Englewood, OH