O_R_E_O !

My Oreo is a wonderful year old B&W cat. My cat Oliver & I had lost our cat Kiki recently - he & I were heartbroken! Oliver is an Orange Marmalade Colored male who is also half Maine Coon Cat! He has the fur patterns, Pads, Fur ruff, etc. of the Maine Coon cat, he's gentle as a lamb, except in the presence of feet in socks! I popped into Mom's house one day & my Niece had two kittens being being shown to her as potential adoptees. Little tiny Oreo walked over to me, gently climbed onto my Shoulder & went to sleep purring! THAT was THAT! To my astonishment, Oliver completely welcomed him immediately, no territorial acting out or issues from Oreo or Oliver! WOW!! 6 months later, "male" Oreo went into heat! Ta-dahhhhhh! (Ah-haaH!) Oreo is an incredibly lithe and talented Acrobat, has thumbs, and can balance on the back of a thin railed chair perfectly. Oreo has perfected the "Who, ME???" look to perfection! Oreo is very bonded to me and while Oliver patrols the house at night, Oreo sleeps in my Bed, and watches over me all night long! My Niece adopted Oreo's Brother, who apparently is pretty wild and pesky! Guess who got the RIGHT cat! LOL. I never had a female before- she teaches me something new everyday. Oliver loves her too! He went from non-stop crying out and searching for Kiki to loving, grooming and playing with Oreo. Both respond to my whistling for them. My life would be empty without them! LOVE ME & LOVE MY CATS!
Steve B.
Worcester, MA