"Of a broken spirit"

I found Luke on Petfinder.com, and fell in love with his little sad face, touched by his story. He had been kicked and abused as a puppy, and at his gentle age of 2 was a troubled little boy, dropped at a shelter with a broken hip and a broken spirit. My husband and I drove out to see him, and despite his shyness and timidness, we knew, he had just found the loving home he deserved ! Our house transformed into Luke's haven and sanctuary overnight, and TLC meant " Tender, Luke and Care" from that moment on. Luke was frightened of plastic bags, the sound and sight of garbage cans and trucks, knives in the kitchen and children running near him. It took a lot of patience and endurance, and Luke has since blossomed into a fun loving, outgoing little dog. He is kind and gentle, loves playing fetch, loves to snuggle and laying out in the sun. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our life, and is the best thing, that ever happened to us ! His loving wet kisses, his wagging tail in the morning, his proud stride down the sidewalk and his gentle play shows us, that his spririt is no longer broken, and we are so thankful he came into our Life !
Mrs. Sabine Mohrmann-Sabec
Chicago, IL