One Big Happy Family

We lost our wonderful Manx, Shadow, to some kind of wasting disease the vet could not name A few months later while on vacation we decided it was time to adopt another kitty. We found a long-haired, 3-month-old, gray and white ball of fluff at a rescue in Tucson, AZ so we named him Tucson After we returned home, we found out Tucson was Feline Herpes positive and had damage to his inner ear that caused his head to cock to one side. L-lysine controls the herpes and the cock of his head just makes him look inquisitive. We saw (and heard) Tucson was lonely so we decided to adopt a companion for him. When we entered the adult room a grey and white came up to my husband. It followed him wherever he went and pushed between him and other cats. We decided we had been adopted and signed the papers making it official. One-year-old Duke fit right in with our Tucson and our Chihuahua, Bear, accepted him as well. A few weeks later a scruffy little black dog showed up on our doorstep and adopted us as well so we named him Mutt and made him part of our household. Our foursome sleep, eat and cuddle together and there is never a lack of love in our home.
Wanda and Bob Gray
Mathis, TX