One for the Road

My boyfriend and I lived in an apartment complex with numerous feral cats. We started trapping them and taking them to a clinic a few miles away. We gave them all names so we could identify who came and got food and water that day. The last cat we trapped, walked into the trap and much to our surprise did not trip the trap. My boyfriend went outside and tripped it for her. She was a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat. We named her Oreo. The next morning Oreo was off to the clinic to get fixed. When we got her home she was scared and needed to be cleaned up. So we did our best to clean her up and we let her go that night due to how stressed she was. We figured she was long gone and would probably not see her again for weeks. Much to our surprise she was back at the break of dawn for breakfast. She pretty much decided to stay close to our patio for the next few months. She would sleep there all day and roam at night. After a few weeks of working with her I could pet her a little bit. I guess it’s true, cat’s choose their owners. Then I decided to buy a house. What to do with Oreo? I guess we are taking her with us. We already had three cats. One more for the road. Each night I would tell her that if she stayed with me, in a few weeks I would give her a permanent home. One week before we moved we took her to the vet and had her checked out, $500.00 later she no longer had worms, ear mites or fleas. She was ready to go home with us forever. Since becoming a house cat Oreo has turned out to be one very sweet cat. Oreo purrs as loud as a Harley and when you pet her, her tail curls like a little pig.Oreo is starting to come out and socialize more, and she loves playing with my other cats.
Liz C.
San Antonio, TX