One Happy Chow Hound

When I worked at an animal shelter, I decided to walk this lonely chow mix on my lunch break. He had a sweet nature, but was afraid of everything. And, he was sick with kennel cough. I took "Bubba" home and fostered him for 3 weeks. I had never seen such a bad case of kennel cough. When it was time to take him back to the shelter, I just couldn't. I worried he wouldn't get adopted because he had already been at the shelter for several weeks. After 5 years of living with us, our beautiful Chow hound (cookie monster) loves people and is very happy. We named him Leo because of his beautiful mane. Leo taught us about recovery from abuse and neglect, forgiveness, and how he loves us unconditionally. I am so grateful I took Leo for that walk. He is one of my teachers in life.
Tucson, AZ