One summer day...

On August 14th, 2010, I arrived home from my cousin’s baby shower. As I walked up to the house, I could hear the sound of baby kittens crying. I went to investigate the sound and found three newborn kittens under my bedroom window. The mother was an outdoor cat we named Fluffers that was a very friendly cat. She was happy to show them off to us. We left her alone and went inside. That evening Fluffers and the kittens were attacked by a fox. Mother survived but was wounded and a kitten died. The other two kittens survived unharmed. The next morning I found them and helped the mother by cleaning her wounds. She later moved the kittens under our bay window and then under the front deck. She only moved the gray one and left the black one under the window. I picked him up and gave him to her but she refused him. He was the biggest in the litter and she chose to just care for one instead of both. I decided that I would hand raise the black kitten. On the way to the store to buy formula, I was deciding what to name him. His name popped in my head and so I named him Taz. A week later Taz's brother was abandoned. We tried to save him but he passed away and his mother some time later from her wounds. Taz is all that is left of his family. I attended college shortly after and was able to get help from a friend to feed and care for him while I was at school. I had a morning routine with him as I got ready for school. Taz quickly learned it. One day he walked out of the bathroom and climbed up the couch and waited for me to bring him his formula! The other cats in our home adopted him into the family as well. He is now a big (15.5lbs) beautiful healthy boy and loves to play with yarn, toys on strings, and laser lights. We love our Taz very much.
Andrea Smidutz
Tiffin, OH