Oreo Alexander Lapointe: Cat on Clearence $5!

In August 2002 my husband, James, and I were planning our wedding. I was working as a Manager at a local Motel 6. James went by the shelter on his way to work to see what they had for cats because we wanted to get one. There sat Oreo with a sticker on his cage $5! Their adoption fee is $60! So he asked why. They said he was agressive, a biter, terrible with children and that he was to be put down the next day. He was not going to let that happen! So he called me at work and I took my lunch and went to the shelter and took the cat back to work with me. We let him out in the office. He sat on the counter and let people pet him never biting. When my son was born he slept next to the crib every night. He is a big boy at 20lbs, but we love him! When we adopted him his name was just Oreo but he became Oreo Alexander because we wanted to make his name our own! We have always given our animals middle names just like our children. We also had a cat named Katmando Ohmygod, He was HUGE, 30lbs & over 3.5ft long! The 1st thing we said upon seeing him was "Katmando? OH MY GOD!" and it stuck! We had him for 3mths before he died of renal failure. he was also to be put down at a shelter.James says he went from Death row to Death with love. That is our goal when we adopt, saving those that need it MOST. Those to be put down, agressive, biters, or sick. We give them the best chance to have a great life, or a peaceful death surrounded by love!
Jaci Lapointe
Van Buren, ME