Oreo resuces his humans

After loosing 2 of our girls Turtle and Ruru from old age last year, we embarked on a mission to save another kitty and also fill our home with a young cat again. What we thought would be simple instead turned into a several month hunt for another kitty. Oh we found several cats and kittens but something always seemed to happen that the adoptions fell through. Till we met Ms. Nancy from the Hot Springs Village Rescue League. We talked with Ms. Nancy several times, looked at pictures on the site before making the hour plus trip to meet their cats, and fell in love with several. BUT Oreo fit the bill (which I think Ms. Nancy knew before we ever met him). We had to wait a week to bring him home but he is with us and seems to fit perfectly. He is the most lovable cat, easy going and he has managed to make friends with our other 2 cats, Dolly who is 10, who was an "only kitty" (we adopted her after my Mother passed away last year) and Bauxite who is 15, rescued at 3 weeks old. Sometimes the animals we are meant to have share our lives with do not come easy, but nothing worth having is. Thank you Ms. Nancy for making this adoption so wonderful. We are hoping once we have bought our house this year to add a dog or 2 from Hot Springs Village. Life takes us in different directions sometimes then we plan. Thank God for that too.
Little Rock, AR