Our Baby Girl

My sister-in-law found two puppies on her doorstep. She tried to give them away, but couldn't find anyone to take them. She decided to keep them, herself and were named Princess and Scooter. The morning after she found her puppies, she heard some wild caterwauling coming from her woods. When she got down there, there was another puppy that had fallen into a deep hole. And to make a long story short, my husband and I took the third puppy in. After some chewing episodes, potty episodes and general bad behavior, we decided that we were to old to deal with a puppy. We gave her to my son to keep for the day to see if he could find anyone who wanted her. Well, we decided that we really did miss her and went and got her back. She did a complete turnaround on behavior. She started minding and I trained her to ring a bell on the door to go outside. And she even stopped the chewing. It was like she knew that she would be gone if she didn't start behaving! Of course she's still not perfect, but she is very close! I think that God brought her to us because we needed each other. And my husband and I are so glad that He did!
Carla Weiss
Cedar Hill, MO