Our baby Sophie

Our relationship started 5 years ago. Sophie was 4 months old when I adopted her. As I was amazed by all the cats I saw 2 little persian, and tried to make some connection with them,but they were sleeping very deeply.I remember there was a pen in my right hand, and a bigger cage on my right side with a kitty. While I was working on get the little ones' attantion,someone wanted to borrow my pen-I tought, I turned my head, and realized that Sophie was playing with it.It took like 2 minutes when we both Sophie, and I decided we are going to go home together. I was extremly happy, and still I am for having her in my life,in our life as I got married 3 years later.She is allowed to do everything she likes, therefore she is being herself, she loves to play a lot, likes hide and seek, she has toys, or she finds sg to play with. Loves to talk, and scream my head of when she would like sg-she is tricky, always make a fool of us, and we all enjoy her present. She is very special, and a very good, strong, and smart kitty. I adore their intelligence, and their personality. With all my heart I can tell you I would do anything for her,so my husband. We are planning to adopt a sister for her, adopt horses,dunkeys, and a puppy when we move back to the USA. (Yes, Sophie travelled a long way to get to Hungary- she was so brave, I am very proud of her.) I know with our love, and caring they are all going to be happy. But I have a feeling that Sophie will be the "boss",and will trick them whenever she will have a chance. Andy
Andrea Koszo
Budapest, Hungary