Our Boy Tyson

My boyfriend and I were looking for our first dog to bring into our first home together. We went to a local shelter to see an Austrialian Cattle Dog that I saw on Petfinder.com and wanted to get. The cattle dog was not very compatible with us,but my boyfriend and I decided to look around before going home. We saw Tyson, a brindle pit bull mix, and my boyfriend wanted to visit with him. I had seen Tyson on Petfinder also, but it said he was not good with other dogs and I never really cared for pit bulls so I passed him by. After a few minutes getting to know Tyson we decided he was the dog for us. We went through the process to appy to get him and then went to shop for some basic needs for him in case we did get him. He fit into our house hold well. He is a great dog, very smart and active. With him being part pit I was not sure about adopting him, but I am glad to have him in my life. Tyson is the best thing to happen to us so far and we look forward to a long happy life with Tyson and our eventually growing family. He was potty trained when we got him, and learned the basic commands well.
jennifer Ray
Tuscola, IL